Temporary Staff exclusively for Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

‘Right person in the right job’ is a perfect scenario to find ourselves in. At the show, we have mastered the art of hiring to address manpower challenges. We know our people, and we place each candidate to a task based on their core strengths, ability to add value, and above everything else, the will power to seal your event with a smile and fist bump.

We have created a unique platform for students to gain work experience through events, conferences & exhibitions. We’ve identified the gaps and complexities in hiring such staff and created a niche for ourselves in finding suitable candidates for events of all kinds.

Get skilled manpower
No training or grooming sessions
Save time and effort
Work with the industry professionals
Fun-filled environment
Earn as you learn


  • The Show exhibited great flair and passion for events which was reflected by their innovative thinking and unique ideas. Every interaction with their dynamic team demonstrated their creativity and dedication in accomplishing each and every task. They were extremely professional, perfection centric and enthusiastic in their approach. Apart from delivering quality, they also provided the most effective solutions in time for any requirement. We thank them for their earnest support in making COP11 a grand success.

    Priti Khanna
    MCI India
  • It was wonderful working with The Show team, specially in the way they handled the stage management and speaker co-ordination of the International Conference on Transforming Healthcare with IT for three consecutive years, 2011-2013. Despite being a young team, the team exhibited professional competence of the highest order and made sure everything went smoothly.
    Suresh Kochattil
    Apollo Hospitals group


  • The core Team of The Show was more like friends to us. They made us capable of adding value to the event, backed us come what may and made us believe in ourselves. My confidence levels went up and my outlook changed completely. I owe it to The Show for the experiences I lived and the exposure I gained working for events.
    Prateek Harbola
  • We came together as a single team, spent sleepless nights, worked really hard and finally made the event a grand success. It was a great experience.
    Sandeep Gudipati
  • The training & induction session conducted by The Show changed me completely. I felt very confident and was ready to face any challenge that came my way. Through events, I met many international delegates, interacted with dignitaries and felt extremely proud being a part of the event’s team.
    K.S Anil Kumar
  • I never expected that working with a team of unknown people would bring about such a drastic change in my life. I was exposed to a new world altogether. A Dream came true. I thank The Show for giving me such a brilliant event opportunity.
    Srija Reddy P
  • I discovered my talents and strengths while working with The Show. I can work with different kinds of people with ease now. It was great working with so many internationals and I took home some memorable experiences. I will never forget my team leader from The Show for his constant support throughout the event.
    Abhishek Patwar
  • Working with The Show gave me exposure and experience which I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. I thank The Show Team, for effectively guiding us and making work fun at all times.
    Samhita Challa


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