5 Questions to ask before hiring a Event Management Company

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December 13, 2017

5 Questions to ask before hiring a Event Management Company


We all have a short-cut in life. The short-cut which tells us – this will save you time or this will save you money. And we end up applying it everywhere. We end up choosing self-medication over going to a doctor or investing on a friend’s recommendation than going to a financial expert. And then we keep trying to justify our judgment until we absolutely cannot further postpone that long overdue trip to the doctor’s clinic or lose a fortune on that recommendation. In the process, we end up losing both the things that we set out to save in the first place. Time & Money. Nowhere is this more rampant in the Event Management industry where clients feel they can save more time & money if they handle an event in-house. But do they?

Event Management, like any other field, requires its own set of expertise ranging from creativity, planning, prioritizing & quick thinking on the feet. Moreover Event Management experts, due to their experience & network can deliver better results in lesser time & costs. Pick up any event in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi or Bangalore in recent times and chances are it has been managed by a professional Event Management firm.

Now that we have addressed how a professional company is absolutely essential to create that memorable evening, how do you ensure that you have hired the right Event Management firm be it for a marriage, conference, convention or live show?

One generally asks his/her potential Event Partners about their previous projects to get an idea of their work & decide whether they can be assigned the event. But you need to look at other parameters too before you form that perfect partnership. It’s just like an arranged marriage. You need to ask the right questions for that perfect match.

We at The Show have come up with 5 quick questions that you can ask your next event partner to gauge whether they are a right fit with the activity you have in mind. These questions are collated based on our 8 year experience in the field & provide good pointers to find that right Event Management company.


Question 1: Tell us more about your team

The team here not only involves the in-house team but also vendors involved in various aspects of event. This will help you realize if they are capable enough to handle the scale of your event. Also, many a times, Event Managers provide vendor’s basis your budget so you can choose accordingly to keep it within costs. But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, so try maintaining a balance.

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Question 2: Tell us about a problem you faced and how you resolved it

Events require a lot of planning & meticulous execution. It also involves a lot of people coming together from different fields (sound, lights, catering, stage set up, artists) to make things happen. Just like if a cog goes bad, the entire wheel comes to a halt, the same can happen with events if one aspect of it doesn’t deliver or gets delayed. This question would help you gauge the thinking-on-the-feet capabilities of your Event Management team & assure that your event won’t be jeopardized in case something goes wrong.

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Question 3: Why do clients prefer to work with you?


Event Management requires excellent strategy followed by immaculate execution to succeed. The success of a plan depends on the ability to multitask, juggling between multiple departments and top-notch organization coupled with efficient time & people management skills. Your partner should be able to touch upon the importance of both strategy as well as execution to this question, thus establishing their expertise in both departments. You can also ask for some client references at this point.

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Question 4: What do you think appeals to our target audience?

Your requirement, planning & execution might vary not only as per the event occasion (i.e. weddings, concerts, conferences or live shows) but also the demographics of the audience that are expected to attend it. This question is to understand whether the potential partner is innovative in his/her approach or would offer run-of-the-mill solutions for the event. An event is something that should be remembered, so it has to be customized to the taste of the audience. In case of a corporate event, they would need to look into seamless brand integration too.

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How to go about this?

Give your Event Management company an overview of the expected audience and hear out their ideas on how they think these people can be engaged during the event.  


Question 5: How much advance would you need?

So you found the right Event Management partner and now things are ready to roll. The Event Management company has gained your trust on delivering a spectacular event for you. Make sure you earn their trust by believing in their work & releasing an advance payment to the company. Remember, they need to channelize their contact list, workforce (in-house and vendors) & procurement and it is essential you trust their judgment by providing adequate funding at regular intervals for the upcoming event. As for any successful relationship, the trust needs to work both ways here as well.

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We believe our proposed 5 questions help you choose the right Event Management partner. In case you want to know more or if you have any other queries, feel free to get in touch with us at contact@theshow.in 🙂


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