This is known as Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

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January 22, 2015
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January 22, 2015
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This is known as Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

What Is The Evidence For The Big Bang

In 1912, Vesto Slipher calculated the speed and direction of “spiral nebulae” by measuring the change in the wavelengths of light coming from them.This is known as Big Bang Nucleosynthesis. As canada goose outlet florida astronomers look out into the Universe and measure the ratios of hydrogen, helium and other trace elements, they exactly match what you would expect to find if the entire Universe was once a really big star.WMAP data of the Cosmic Microwave Background. We’ll refine our understanding and the theory that goes along with it.Most importantly, we can have confidence when talking about what we know about the early stages of our magnificent Universe and why we understand it to be true.Podcast (audio): Download (Duration: 5:21 4.9MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Android RSSPodcast (video): Download (100.3MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Android RSSShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to canada goose outlet toronto address share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn canada goose outlet (Opens in new window)Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)MoreClick to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)My point is that there are two uses of the word One is the scientific usage and canada goose outlet store uk the other is common canada goose coats uk usage. People often confuse canada goose outlet ontario the two and use this misunderstanding to argue against scientific theory. The Theory of Evolution is a perfect example of this.Common usage pretty much means canada goose outlet real that something is an idea. An example would be have a theory about what my cat does outside at night,In contrast a scientific theory is a more formal term and for something to be called a theory it requires a systematic canada goose outlet near me approach to the examination and testing of evidence. So that why I don think it fair to say that a scientific theory is a theory. If canada goose outlet in uk it canada goose outlet hong kong is a scientific theory then it is the result of rigorous investigation by some pretty smart people and has held canada goose outlet toronto up well.Perhaps it a nit but I hate to see anything that perpetuates this confusion.I have created the lost form of PERFECT FLAWLESS MATHEMATICS!!! Although canada goose outlet in new york no 1 will believe me, I can map the universe with mathematics not only prove the big bangs shock wave through all of time space, but we also, as everything in universal physics rotates with in around other objects, orbit around a universal core as we simply gain distance from other galaxies due to orbital patterns. has not yet said I wrong after I freely e mailed them the way to create perfect mathematical patterns that contain 1,000 of anomalies that only appear canada goose outlet online uk at main cross check points of time space, as canada goose premium outlet the anomalies show a wave pattern that is perfectly predictable continues from the mathematical canada goose outlet reviews creation of time/space til the mathematical end! I welcome any 1 to have better balanced mathematical proof than I. My mathematics, I believe, can also de code the Mayan stone as well as the many Pyramids world wide, among other things! But who believe or listen to a no canada goose outlet boston 1 like me?I TRULY THANK YOU for listening to a like myself!! I had to sound to get some 1 attention, but I honestly not like that in person! I send you what I feel canada goose outlet in toronto is the basics, the math continues flawlessly, it was not til I noticed it resembled the Mayan math cycles that I began to picture it as a mathematical universal map, but it fit so perfect I honestly now believe in the Mayan myths. I don know why, but after running numbers for days at a time, I have a whole new view of history question many historical details I always believed, until now. for math took over. you have to forget everything you know about modern math return to the basics, for I believe modern math tries to get around the anomalies to where perfect math finds eliminates them, so plz follow my instructions, at 1st you think it crazy but you must eliminate the problem to find simple math. I find a simple way to explain it thru e mail send it today, but be warned, it not what you used to, but you see the powerful patterns in every direction cross reference that continue exactly the same if you do it buy canada goose uk correctly enter it with a open mind. I believe all the anomalies in our math are caused by a universal in time space, be it a sound wave or other. They follow to perfect of a pattern as many key mathematical numbers related to time space add up, down divide into two diff. answer as if they are the same, if you eliminate ALL the anomalies, mathematics is perfect!I canada goose outlet online store review didn mean forget EVERY THING you know of math, this is so perfect you wont need anything but basic math.

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